Thursday, October 23, 2008

New things...

In the past week I have seen three new things happen in the streets of Paris: a little boy pee on the side of a street (hitting a car) with the direction of his mother, a man throwing up on the street, and two dogs having sex on the sidewalk. Also, a couple weeks ago I saw a typical drunk on the metro. He had a beer that he was hiding in his jacket and kept sneaking out to drink. The only odd part about this story is that it was eight AM.

Random: I'm sick of eating raw meat. We've had raw bacon and ham a couple times the past couple weeks. However, I'm starting to enjoy pate... And I do not like sauerkraut (spelling?). Sorry Bethany. Also, I love this drink called Blood Orange juice and I've searched four stores for it and haven't seen it, but Michelle found a store with it! YAY! I'm going tomorrow to get some.

After being incredibly jealous of Ally and how she can cook, I now get the chance! My host-parents just told me that they won't be here all of next week and I finally got up the nerve to ask if I could cook there! So that means I'm definitely having a couple people over sometime to cook (I asked). If I can find zuccini flowers, I'm definitely making them.

Also, updates on life at home. I have an apartment for the spring semester! I'm living with Ally and we're living in the Avalon. It's a really nice place with one AND A HALF bathrooms. That way when people come over they aren't invading our personal bathroom space. It's also the closest apartment complex to AU. We're renting furniture (only $100 a month) so it won't look completely like a poor college student's apartment. I'm excited!

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Bethany said...

Dude. I HATE sauerkraut. The one German food I really can't stand. :)

And Bludorangesaft is ALL over here. I'll buy some and you can drink it while you're here.