Tuesday, October 7, 2008

And the award goes to...

Well, I had a record of four comments for my last post (encouraging). Therefore I find it in me to write another post. Something exciting, my mom and sisters are going to visit me in November! I arranged for really cheap flights and a very good hotel for a decent price and their trip is going to be cost effective, but the time of their lives.

Phonetiques is over so now I'm left with even MORE spare time on my hands. I don't have anything to do until 5 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Therefore I'm going to try and get out of my house more and see the city. I think we may hit up the pere lachaise cemetery tomorrow. I know my dad would love to visit that (in case you didn't know he loves taking pictures of graves and posting them online for people to research their ancestors and see where they're buried, very thoughtful hobby).

I've booked another trip, this time to Barcelona! Unfortunately it seems that people aren't very active in their wish to go to Istanbul or Budapest, so I don't think I'm going to be able to go. That's really too bad.

On Saturday we have another day trip to Fontainebleau and Vaux-le-Vicomte. I'll let you know how they go!

Daily concerns

1. Money. I've never lived off a budget before and I started for the Europe trip and this semester. It's really hard! However, it's definitely good for me. I just bought the plane ticket to Barcelona (and I need to book lodging) and pretty much all I have left in my account is for food. I've already booked my plane tickets to Rome and Vienna, so I will have a little extra in November to go shopping! It seems so trivial, but I would really love classy and cute clothing from Paris to take home and last me a while. I bought a really great coat in Rome in addition to two cheap shirts, a pair of jeans, and fake converse (I didn't bring shoes because they would be too heavy on my trip). Once I get money I'm going to buy cute shoes, boots, and a nice sweater. Any good clothing suggestions?

2. My group of friends. There's a bit of a rift in my school group between a couple girls and it's causing problems on the whole. Unfortunately this means that I can't hang out with them both at the same time and I also am stuck to answer 'why' questions, etc. I'm trying not to let this affect my time here in Paris though. And I do honestly like everyone.

3. Food. I've lost weight in Paris. I'm actually hitting the 5th beltloop on one of my belts (I've never hit it before... even during Freshman year of college when I lost 15 pounds). Of course that's my only way of telling though. I feel like I eat enough because I have four course dinners four nights a week, but I can see why I'm losing weight. Europeans don't snack. They also don't have big dinners. I also don't have big luches because I don't like spending money. Therefore I have two slices of toast for breakfast, a sandwich/cookie/can of soda for lunch, and then either a four course meal or something random. That's it. At home I snack constantly though. It's definitely an odd change...

4. French! I have to take French when I get back and I was worried that I wouldn't know enough to do well in that class, but since speaking with a couple girls who take it and compairing what I'll learn here, I think I'll be ready. I've learned so much already and I think I need to study it every night for it to sink in, although I haven't been doing that every night. I took another test on Friday and I got a better grade though, so that's promising.

Until next time, Emily


Jenelle said...

Random, but if you really are looking for a travel buddy, I'll go to Istanbul or Budapest! (if it's not too too expensive...)

Bethany said...

They will be! I tried to go but they're expensive. :(

Yay for good French! And skinny tummies! :)

I'm glad we got to Skype today! I missed my Emily!

Jenelle said...

hmm. expensive, but possibly worth it. when were you thinking of going?
TGV tickets to Nice were approx. 90euros round trip (with the carte 12-25). But sncf does specials all the time, and the further ahead you book, the cheaper things are...

Justin said...

After reading the budgeting blurb I'm not sure if I want to give you a high five or a slap to the face.... cute cloths... emily, emily, emily