Monday, December 8, 2008

Last post?

This may be the last post, but I might add follow up thoughts later on. While traveling I had a delayed flight which caused me to miss my flight from NYC to Chicago which caused me to miss two flights to KC. That meant that I had to sleep in the Chicago airport and take a 730 am flight home. All in all I spent over 33 hours in six different airports and took 4 different flights to get home. Whew. It was intense. And the whole time I just wanted to be home!

I am home. I miss all of my friends though and it won't really be home until they're here. I got to see Amy though today, so that was a lot of fun. Justin is also coming over in 15 minutes, so that should be great! I got a good night of sleep in my huge, soft bed. Hopefully tonight will be the same.

Turns out I'm still lactose intolerant. I didn't have a problem in Europe, but I think that's because they don't put so many hormones into their cows like Americans do. That kinda sucks for me, poor tummy.

Also, random memory. The last week I saw three different men peeing in the metro. I also saw a mattress ad with a gay couple! I'd been looking for it since we got there because Amanda said she saw in a couple weeks into our program. I think it's really neat that a company would advertise that.