Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tests, papers, and final thoughts, oh my!

I had the BIG test for French today. It's worth 40% of my grade, so cross your fingers! I think I did well. It was a completely different makeup from the old exams (the ones I used to study), but I understood all the sentences they asked and I think I was able to get at least 90% of my verbs right. The test (and my grade) is based off of 20 points. For American standards, 15-20 is an A, 12-14 is a B, and 9-11 is a C. I've mainly been getting 10-13 in my class, but I think I did better than that on the test. My professor grades pretty hard, test averages are an 8 or 9. The actual class itself is worth only 20% (that portion I've been going to five times a week). I was only allowed to skip it 5 times though or else the Sorbonne could fail me. I didn't do that though! The oral test, 20% of my grade, is on Tuesday.

Also something funny. During my test the professor climbed onto a table, climbed out of the first floor window, and proceeded to smoke FOUR cigarettes in a row! It was absolutely hilarious seeing her climbing out and then peeking through the window to make sure no one was cheating. That's a French smoking stereotype for you.

I wrote a paper on the Tour St. Jacques. It's actually a pretty cool tower in the middle of the Latin Quarter. People aren't allowed up the tower, but it's cool because they did science experiments there on the barometer and air pressure. It was also THE place to go for religious pilgrims. It was built in the 1500s, but the church itself was destroyed during the revolution. It's also a great style of Gothic architecture. I suggest to see it if you come!

I'm leaving a week from today. It's a very odd thought, but I'm really looking forward to it. I can't wait to stop studying and just lazy about reading and playing computer games. I'm also looking forward to hanging out with friends and family. And I can't wait to go to Oakland for New Years.

I enjoyed my experience abroad and I don't regret it at all. I was able to explore Europe, I really enjoyed learning French, speaking to actual French people, taking classes, exploring Paris, buying awesome new clothing (and boots!), tasting new and delicious food, etc. Unfortunately, I didn't have that many people to become friends with, but I really enjoyed making friends with the people in my program. I'm sure I'll hang out with them once I get back to AU. I'm also not as childish when it comes to hanging out in a bar. I also think I've been able to expand my personality and understanding of myself and other people.

However, I really am looking forward to being in the states. It's comfortable being around your own language and I think I feel more confident there. I like the places I've lived, Kansas City and DC. I miss them and will enjoy being back there. I can't wait! Only three tests left: the oral, Paris Culture, and Islam in France. Wish me luck!


Ally Tong said...

yay Oakland!

Justin said...


I read this thing twice and I didn't see a single reference to being excited to see me... sad day.